Cricket Camper: A Lightweight and Versatile Trailer for Off-Grid Adventures

Are you someone who craves the freedom of off-grid exploration and wants a trailer that can take you to remote places? Look no further than the Cricket Camper from Taxa Outdoors. Designed by a former NASA engineer, the Cricket Camper: A Lightweight and Versatile Trailer combines a unique shape, pop-up roof, and a plethora of features that make it perfect for off-grid living. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the details of the Cricket Camper, its impressive features, and why it’s an excellent choice for adventurous souls.

A Design Inspired by Space Exploration

The Criket Camper stands out from the crowd with its innovative design, drawing inspiration from space exploration. Its distinctive shape not only looks futuristic but also serves a purpose. Measuring 15 feet in length, it’s compact and lightweight enough to be towed by many four-cylinder vehicles and compact SUVs. This means you can venture off the beaten path and explore remote destinations that larger RVs can’t access.

Weight of a Taxa trailer

The weight of a Taxa trailer varies depending on the model. Here is a table of the dry weights (weight without water, fuel, or gear) of the different Taxa trailers:

Comparison of Taxa Outdoors Trailer Models and Dry Weights

Model Dry Weight
Cricket 1,000 lbs
Cricket Overland 2,000 lbs
TigerMoth 1,310 lbs
Mantis 3,115 lbs
Dojo 3,500 lbs

Impressive Features for a Comfortable Camping Experience

Cricket Camper

Despite its compact size, the Cricket Campers is fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable camping adventure. Let’s explore its notable features:

Sleeping Accommodations: Inside the Cricket Camper, you’ll find ample sleeping space for two adults and two children. The pop-up roof adds extra headroom, allowing you to stand comfortably and enjoy ventilation and natural light from the windows. The two queen-sized beds can be converted into a sofa with a table, providing a cozy space for dining or working. Additionally, privacy curtains and comfortable foam mattresses ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Kitchen Facilities: The Cricket Camper: A Lightweight and Versatile Trailer boasts a well-equipped kitchen that caters to your culinary needs. It includes a two-burner stove, a sink with a hand pump faucet, and a portable cooler for storing perishables. The thoughtful design incorporates cabinets and drawers to accommodate utensils, dishes, and food supplies, making meal preparation a breeze while on the road.

Bathroom Amenities: Despite its compact size, the Cricket Camper doesn’t compromise on bathroom facilities. It features a portable toilet and a shower tent that can be easily attached to the exterior of the trailer. Additionally, an outdoor shower head can be connected to the fresh water tank, allowing you to freshen up during your outdoor adventures.

Storage and Accessories: The Cricket Camper offers ample storage space for your gear and equipment. It also provides customization options to enhance your camping experience. Choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and graphics for the exterior and interior of the trailer. Additionally, you can add features such as an awning, a furnace, an air conditioner, a roof fan, or an electric tongue jack. For those seeking off-road adventures, the Overland edition provides upgraded tires, wheels, suspension, fenders, and gravel guards.

An Affordable and Convenient Choice

One of the standout advantages of the Cricket Camper trailer is its affordability. With a starting price of $29,950 for the base model, it offers excellent value for money compared to larger RV options. Furthermore, its compact size translates to lower fuel consumption, saving you money during your travels.

Comparison of Cricket Trailer and Teal Tail Feather

Category Cricket Trailer Teal Tail Feather
Price Starting at $38,400 Starting at $5,500
Feature Lightweight and rugged, towable by many four-cylinder vehicles Lightweight, modular shell that can adapt to many small utility trailers
Length 15 feet Not specified, but can adapt to many small utility trailers
Width Not specified Not specified, but can adapt to many small utility trailers
Height Not specified Not specified, but can adapt to many small utility trailers
Sleeping Capacity Sleeps up to 2 adults and 2 children Not specified, but can accommodate a double bed
Amenities Includes a kitchenette, wet bath, and convertible dinette/bed Not specified, but can be customized with amenities
Warranty 1-year limited warranty Not specified

As you can see, the Cricket Camper: A Lightweight and Versatile Trailer is slightly less expensive than the Firefly Micro Temper Trailer. However, the Firefly Micro Temper Trailer is slightly larger and has a few additional amenities, such as an outdoor shower. Ultimately, the best trailer for you will depend on your individual needs and budget.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when comparing the two trailers:

  • The Cricket Camper is slightly lighter than the Firefly Micro Temper Trailer, which makes it easier to tow.
  • The Cricket Camper has a smaller deck than the Firefly Micro Temper Trailer, but it still has enough space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.
  • The Cricket Camper does not have an outdoor shower, but it does have a large sink that can be used for washing dishes or bathing.
  • The Cricket Camper has a one-year warranty, while the Firefly Micro Temper Trailer has a two-year warranty.

If you are looking for a lightweight and affordable trailer, the Cricket Camper is a great option. If you are looking for a slightly larger trailer with a few additional amenities, the Firefly Micro Temper Trailer is a good choice.


For outdoor enthusiasts who seek a lightweight, versatile, and off-grid camping experience, the Cricket Camper is a game-changer. Designed by a former NASA engineer, it offers a unique combination of functionality, comfort, and innovative design. With its ease of towing, comfortable sleeping arrangements, well-equipped kitchen and bathroom, and customizable features, the Cricket Camper empowers you to explore nature without sacrificing convenience. So, pack your gear, hitch up the Cricket Camper, and embark on memorable off-grid adventures.


How long is a Cricket camper?

The Cricket Camper is 15 feet long. It is a small, lightweight camper that is perfect for off-grid adventures. It can be towed by most SUVs and trucks. The Cricket Camper is also small enough to fit in most standard parking spots.

How heavy is a 24 foot camper?

A 24 foot camper can weigh anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 pounds, depending on the make, model, and amenities.

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