Hardwood floor replacement cost calculator [Updated 2024]

Replacing hardwood floors can be a significant investment, and understanding the cost involved is crucial for planning. A hardwood floor replacement cost calculator can provide valuable insights into the expenses associated with this renovation project. By inputting specific details such as the type of wood, square footage, labor costs, and additional materials, individuals can estimate the total cost of replacing their hardwood floors. This tool serves as a practical resource for homeowners looking to budget effectively and make informed decisions when considering a hardwood floor replacement.

How to use the Calculator


Suppose you are planning to replace the hardwood floors in your living room, and you want to estimate the total cost before proceeding with the project.


  • Area of the Living Room: 400 square feet
  • Cost of Engineered Hardwood per Square Foot: $6
  • Labor Cost per Square Foot: $4
  • Additional Expenses:
  • Removal of old flooring: $250
  • Disposal fees: $150
  • Underlayment and adhesive: $200

Steps to Use the Calculator:

Input the Data:

  • Enter the area of the living room (400 square feet).
  • Enter the cost of engineered hardwood per square foot ($6).
  • Enter the labor cost per square foot ($4).
  • Enter the additional expenses: removal cost ($250), disposal cost ($150), and other costs ($200).

Click “Calculate Cost”:

  • After entering all the data, click the “Calculate Cost” button.

View the Result:

  • The calculator will process the information and display the total replacement cost below the button.


Hardwood Floor Replacement Cost Calculator

Hardwood Floor Replacement Cost Calculator


  • Cost of Hardwood:
  • Total cost of hardwood = 400 sq ft * $6/sq ft = $2400
  • Labor Cost:
  • Total labor cost = 400 sq ft * $4/sq ft = $1600
  • Additional Expenses:
  • Total additional expenses = $250 (removal) + $150 (disposal) + $200 (other costs) = $600
  • Total Replacement Cost:
  • Total cost = Cost of hardwood + Labor cost + Additional expenses
  • Total cost = $2400 (hardwood) + $1600 (labor) + $600 (additional expenses) = $4600


Based on the inputs provided, the estimated cost to replace the hardwood floors in your living room is $4600. This calculation helps you understand the approximate expenses involved in the project, allowing you to plan your budget accordingly.

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