Is keller williams good for new agents

Is keller williams good for new agents?

People often ask “is keller williams good for new agents“. Keller Williams is generally considered to be a good option for new real estate agents due to several reasons:

  1. Training and Support: Keller Williams provides extensive training and technology, which benefits new agents. They offer coaching, mentoring, and educational resources to support agents in their success.
  2. Team Atmosphere: KW fosters a team-oriented environment that allows agents to ask questions and receive support from their peers. This community-oriented approach is particularly valuable for new agents who are in the process of learning.
  3. Profit-Sharing Model: KW operates on a profit-sharing structure, enabling agents to directly benefit from the achievements of their recruits. This arrangement offers additional financial incentives for new agents.
  4. Brand and Reputation: Keller Williams enjoys a well-known and respected brand within the real estate industry. Being affiliated with such a reputable company can help new agents establish credibility and attract clients.
  5. Culture and Values: Keller Williams is renowned for its commitment to cultivating a culture of success and prioritizing professional development. With a training-first mentality, they emphasize ethical practices, contributing to the growth and integrity of their agents.

While KW encompasses numerous positive aspects for new agents, it’s crucial to note that individual experiences might differ. It’s always advisable to conduct thorough research and consider multiple options before making a decision.

Training and Support

Ignite Program:

  1. Program Structure: Ignite is designed for daily delivery over a calendar month, comprising 18 two-to-three-hour power sessions. Additional sessions cover specific topics based on individual needs.
  2. Learning Objectives: The program’s focus is on imparting fundamental real estate knowledge, teaching the utilization of the KW system, and guiding agents in building their businesses.
  3. Hands-on Experience: Each Ignite session actively involves agents in real estate tasks, including lead generation, business development, and learning how to serve buyers and sellers.
  4. Accountability: Weekly accountability sessions are integrated into Ignite to ensure agents remain on track and effectively implement their acquired skills.
  5. Repeatable: Agents can engage in the Ignite program multiple times, enabling them to reinforce their knowledge and skills at their own pace.
  6. Synergy with BOLD: Ignite and BOLD, KW premium training program, work harmoniously to provide agents with a comprehensive learning journey.

BOLD Training Program:

Overview: KW offers a world class training program BOLD (Business Objective: a Life by Design), which focuses on equipping agents with cutting-edge strategies and techniques for real estate success.

Technology and tools used by Keller Williams

KW actively equips its agents with cutting-edge technology and tools to enhance their chances of success. Here are some technology tools available to the agents:

  1. Website: Their official website,, grants agents access to an array of resources, including training materials, marketing tools, and listings.
  2. Keller Williams Mobile App: The KW mobile app empowers agents to conveniently manage their listings, leads, and contacts while on the move.
  3. KWCommand: KWCommand, a suite of interconnected tools, assists agents in efficiently managing their business operations. It encompasses lead generation, marketing, and transaction management.
  4. KWConnect: They offers KWConnect, a social network tailored for agents. This platform enables agents to connect, exchange best practices, and access training resources.
  5. Keller Williams University: Keller Williams University, accessible online, furnishes agents with a range of courses and resources to nurture their skills and knowledge.
  6. Keller Cloud: The Keller Cloud encompasses an integrated suite of tools that collaboratively provide agents with smarter business solutions and enhanced customer experiences.

Through the provision of these technology tools, Keller Williams proactively aids agents in optimizing business processes, boosting productivity, and ultimately achieving success in their real estate endeavors.

Advantages of Keller Williams for new agents

They extends several advantages to new agents, encompassing:

  1. Comprehensive training programs: KW furnishes a comprehensive educational ecosystem encompassing training, coaching, mentorship, and professional development for real estate agents. The Keller Williams Ignite program, taught by top-performing agents in each office, is accessible across all market centers. This program meticulously tailors essential skill sets to empower new agents for immediate industry success.
  2. Access to KW Command: Exclusive to their real estate agents, KW Command stands as a dedicated real estate website and marketing platform. It equips agents with an array of tools for business management, encompassing lead generation, marketing automation, and transaction management.
  3. Customizable KW websites: Keller Williams agents enjoy the privilege of accessing customizable KW websites. These platforms thoughtfully empower agents to showcase their listings and services effectively. Furthermore, these websites are fully customizable, allowing agents to align them with their distinct brand and personal style.
  4. Supportive community of agents: Within Keller Williams lies a nurturing community of agents dedicated to fostering mutual success. This valuable resource of supportive agents aids new agents, guiding and assisting them through the intricacies of real estate.

To summarize, Keller Williams empowers new agents with thorough training, essential tools, and steadfast support, fostering their journey to success in the dynamic real estate domain.

Disadvantages of Keller Williams for new agents

There are no significant disadvantages of Keller Williams for new agents; however, certain challenges might arise, including:

  1. Commission splits: Keller Williams follows a commission split model, mandating agents to allocate a portion of their commission to the brokerage. Some new agents might find this challenging, especially if they are unaccustomed to such fee arrangements.
  2. High expectations: Keller Williams places heightened expectations on its agents, necessitating inherent self-motivation and ambition. While this attribute positively influences some new agents, others might struggle to meet these elevated standards.
  3. Competition: The extensive agent network within Keller Williams introduces the potential for new agents to encounter competition from more experienced peers. However, Keller Williams mitigates this challenge by cultivating a supportive agent community, where members devote themselves to achieving mutual success.

In summary, while certain challenges could arise for new agents at Keller Williams, the benefits stemming from the comprehensive training programs, access to KW Command, customizable KW websites, and the supportive agent community far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Success stories of new agents at Keller Williams

Keller Williams is renowned for providing new agents vital training and support to excel in real estate. The subsequent success stories and testimonials from new agents underscore the advantages they’ve experienced through KW’s training and support:

  1. Reddit Testimonial: A real estate professional with 16 years of experience shared on Reddit that Keller Williams equips new agents with the crucial tools and resources required for success in the industry. Although recognizing potential drawbacks in commission splits, the individual highlighted Keller Williams’ effective support system.
  2. Reviews: hosts a collection of 176 reviews about Keller Williams, with numerous agents lauding the company’s training and technological offerings. One agent specifically applauded KW for its robust training and technology provisions, which prove highly advantageous for new agents. The agent further highlighted the presence of a supportive network of fellow agents, always available to assist with queries.
  3. Keller Williams’ Ignite Program: The Ignite program lies at KW core, meticulously designed to empower new agents with essential skills from day one. Led by top agents, the program drives active involvement in real estate tasks like lead gen, operations, and client service.
  4. Supportive Agent Community: Keller Williams’ unique power resides in its agent community’s shared commitment to nurturing each other’s successes. This network provides new agents ample support, guiding them through real estate’s intricate challenges with resources.

Organizational Model

In “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent,” Gary Keller outlines an Organizational Model that empowers agents to achieve exponential business growth. This model leverages the talents of others to handle administrative, buyer, and seller duties, as well as marketing.

Here are key points about the Organizational Model:

  1. Seven Levels: The model comprises seven levels, each representing distinct stages of business growth.
  2. People Leverage: The model underscores the significance of leveraging others’ talents to manage administrative tasks, buyer-seller responsibilities, and marketing.
  3. Team Building: Agents are encouraged to assemble skilled teams to foster business growth and goal attainment.
  4. Scaling: By harnessing external talents, agents can scale their businesses, realizing exponential expansion.

In essence, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” furnishes agents with a roadmap for business growth through talent leverage. Through team formation and task delegation, agents focus on strengths and achieve substantial advancement in real estate.


To conclude, Keller Williams offers multiple benefits to new agents, including comprehensive training programs, access to KW Command, customizable KW websites, and a supportive agent community. Keller Williams is renowned for its unwavering commitment to educating, training, coaching, mentoring, and advancing real estate agents’ professionalism.

The company’s guiding philosophy centers on valuing individuals and building an organization around people, forming the foundation of success. Keller Williams perseveres, empowering entrepreneurs to discover their boundless potential through nurturing ongoing learning and development.

New agents seeking comprehensive training, technology, and support should seriously consider KW as an option.

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