PopSugar Latest Digital Media Company to Layoff Staff

PopSugar, a division of Vice, has recently carried out significant layoffs affecting a considerable number of their employees on 9th November, 2023. The precise count of individuals impacted by these workforce reductions has not been disclosed by the company. Despite the lack of specific figures, the Vice union has conveyed their discontent and weariness through an official statement on the matter.

The employees who were laid off from PopSugar voiced their disappointment on Twitter and on LinkedIn

In May 2018, PopSugar laid off 19 employees, representing approximately 5% of the company’s team, due to financial concerns and a commitment to attaining profitability. The PopSugar layoffs were part of a series of cost-cutting measures implemented by the company, which also involved reducing its inventory of snacks and beverages in its offices. The company spokeswoman confirmed that the layoffs were undertaken with the goal of achieving profitability.


  • Founded in 2006 by Brian and Lisa Sugar, PopSugar is an American media and tech company.
  • Parent to PopSugar media and PopSugar Must Have subscription service.
  • Targets women aged 18-34 with lifestyle content on beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness, food, and parenting.
  • Content delivered through mobile, video, and social media channels.
  • Evolved into a global lifestyle brand covering entertainment, style, beauty, wellness, family, lifestyle, and identity.
  • Positive and purpose-driven content on various platforms, catering to young women.
  • Features diverse content including entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and parenting.
  • Operates PopSugar Fitness YouTube channel for fitness tutorials.
  • Engages with a wide audience through a popular Instagram account with 1 million followers and 17,000 posts.
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