How much does an inheritance advance cost? Revealed!


An inheritance advance is an advance against money that you stand to inherit from someone else. People often ask, How much does an inheritance advance cost? The answer is It will depend on the company that you’re working with, and there is no one inheritance advance rate that applies to every heir. Inheritance advance prices vary significantly by company, and many of them depend on the amount of the inheritance in question.

How much does an inheritance advance cost

If you’re expecting to receive an inheritance, you may be considering an inheritance advance to get access to some of the money sooner. An inheritance advance is a cash advance against the money you stand to inherit from someone else. However, before you decide to take an inheritance advance, it’s important to understand the costs involved.

Inheritance Advance: Fees and Considerations

Fee Structure

The fee structure for an inheritance advance can vary depending on the company you work with. Typically, you’ll pay a percentage of the inheritance to the advance company. This percentage can range from 10% to 50%, depending on the company and the size of the inheritance.

Additional Costs

Some companies may charge additional fees, so it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully. Make sure you understand all the costs involved before you sign any agreements.


The amount of money you can receive as an advance on your inheritance depends on how much money you need and how large your portion of the inheritance is. The typical probate period is anywhere from 1 to 3 years, so an inheritance advance might be a great solution if you need money for funeral costs or to renovate a home that needs to be sold.

Reduction in Fees

Some companies may offer a reduction in fees if the inheritance is released earlier than expected. This can be a great way to save money on an inheritance advance.


It’s best to compare one company with another to determine the best option for your needs. Look at the fees, the amount of the advance, and any additional costs to determine which company offers the best deal.

Loan Fees

The inheritance loan fees are the difference between the immediate cash payment and the repayment amount. There are no additional costs, and the fees vary by company.

How is the Percentage of the Inheritance Advance Calculated?

Inheritance Advance Calculator


Let’s say you are expecting to inherit $100,000 from a relative.

The inheritance advance company agrees to provide 30% of your inheritance.

The company wants 40% of the inheritance as their fee.

Click the “Calculate” button to see the inheritance advance amount.


The percentage of an inheritance advance is calculated by the inheritance advance company and can vary depending on the company and the specific circumstances. Each inheritance advance company determines the percentage of an inheritance they are willing to fund, which can range from 15 percent to 30 percent and sometimes even higher. The amount you receive as an advance on your inheritance is generally capped at a percentage of the total inheritance. For example, if your portion of the inheritance is estimated to be $200,000, you may receive $50,000 in an advance. The percentage of the inheritance advance may also depend on factors such as the size of the estate, the type of assets involved, and any debts or liabilities that need to be paid off.

documentation for inheritance advance

To Document an Inheritance Advance: You will need to provide legal documents that prove you are an heir to the estate. The specific documents required may vary depending on the company providing the advance, but generally include:

  • A copy of the decedent’s death certificate.
  • A copy of the will, if applicable.
  • A petition for probate.
  • Letters of administration.
  • Inventory sheet.
  • Notice to creditors.

In addition to these documents, you may also need to provide a photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, and a verifiable Social Security number. It is important to note that each company may have specific eligibility requirements and documentation needs, so it is best to check with the company directly to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

Gathering your documentation for inheritance advances can be complex, but the funding company will review your application and determine whether you qualify for an inheritance advance. If you are uncertain about which documents you need, you can contact the advance provider for more specific information about what you need to provide and what you don’t need to worry about.

Remember, dealing with an inheritance can be emotionally challenging, so don’t hesitate to ask for support from family, friends, or legal professionals during this process. The company providing the inheritance advance understands the sensitivity of the situation and will do its best to guide you through the necessary steps with compassion and understanding.

Please remember that this information is provided as a general overview and should not be considered legal or financial advice. For specific advice regarding legal matters, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified legal advisor or professional.

Best inheritance advance company

List of the Best Inheritance Advance Companies:

  • Inheritance Advanced ( Inheritance Advanced is well-regarded for its fast, easy, and risk-free inheritance cash advances. Their exceptional customer service sets them apart, and they take pride in providing funding without the need for repayment. They also emphasize their advantage over traditional bank loans and their commitment to working with individuals regardless of credit score.
  • Heir Cash Now ( Heir Cash Now is known for offering the best service among inheritance advance companies. They stand out by providing competitive rates without any surprise fees, ensuring a transparent and straightforward process for their clients.
  • InheritNOW ( InheritNOW provides a simple and secure process for accessing inheritance cash advances. They prioritize making the process of inheriting money after a loved one’s passing easy, and they offer fast, easy, and risk-free inheritance cash advances.
  • Probate Advance ( Probate Advance offers swift funding, often within one business day. They take pride in their secure and trustworthy process, not requiring credit history or charging interest or other payments.
  • Inheritance Loans USA ( Inheritance Loans USA focuses on providing a convenient and hassle-free process for inheritance cash advances. They highlight their ability to work with individuals regardless of credit score and offer fast funding within 3 to 5 days.
  • Inheritance Funding Company ( Inheritance Funding Company is one of the oldest and largest companies offering same-day inheritance advances. They have a strong reputation in the industry, having advanced over $200 million to heirs. They take pride in providing exceptional customer service and dedicated support to their clients.
  • Inheritance Funding Company of California ( Inheritance Funding Company of California is a branch of Inheritance Funding Company that specifically serves clients in California. They offer same-day inheritance advances and prioritize exceptional customer service.
  • Inheritance Funding Solutions ( Inheritance Funding Solutions tailors their services to clients’ unique inheritance funding needs. They work closely with clients to understand their situations and provide customized funding options.
  • Inheritance Now ( Inheritance Now provides inheritance cash advances and emphasizes their ability to provide fast funding. They aim to simplify the process and offer a convenient solution for accessing inheritance funds.

When considering an inheritance advance company, it’s crucial to thoroughly research each company, read customer reviews, and inquire about their terms and conditions. Additionally, checking the Better Business Bureau for ratings and any complaints against the company can provide valuable insights. Ultimately, the best company for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Always remember to seek professional advice if necessary to make well-informed financial decisions.

Please remember that this information is provided as a general overview and should not be considered legal or financial advice. For specific advice regarding legal matters, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified legal advisor or professional.

Small Inheritance advance

A Small Inheritance Advance: A small inheritance advance is a loan that allows you to access a portion of your expected inheritance before the probate process is complete. The amount you can receive varies depending on the lender, but typically falls between $5,000 and $350,000.

To qualify for an inheritance advance, you will need to fill out an application with information about you and the inheritance. The lender will review the application and provide approval if accepted. Once you are accepted, you can receive the money within a few days.

It’s important to note that inheritance loans are often more expensive than other loans, and you will receive less money from your lender than you would have received if you waited until the end of the probate process. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider whether an inheritance advance is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Inheritance Advances:

  • What is the minimum amount you can borrow against your inheritance? The minimum varies depending on your inheritance. You must inherit at least $10,000 to be eligible for an inheritance advance.
  • What is the maximum amount you can borrow against your inheritance? Most of the time, you can advance up to 40% of the distribution expected from your loved one’s estate.
  • What are the advantages of inheritance funding? Inheritance funding allows heirs to use, enjoy, or invest the money they will inherit starting immediately, rather than waiting months or years for probate to close. Many companies, like Inheritance Funding, guarantee that you will receive the lowest available price, and they offer a rebate for early repayment.
  • What are the required documents for an inheritance advance? Required documents vary depending on the lender, but typically include a copy of the will, a death certificate, and proof of your identity.
  • What is the difference between an advance and a loan? Many people refer to inheritance advances as inheritance loans. While the terminology can be confusing, a probate advance is actually very different from a loan. An inheritance advance is a purchase of a portion of an heir’s expected future inheritance, while a loan is a sum of money borrowed that must be repaid with interest.

When considering a small inheritance advance, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Taking the time to understand the terms, costs, and potential impact on your inheritance can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your financial goals. If you have any uncertainties, seeking advice from a financial advisor or legal professional can provide valuable guidance. Remember, your inheritance is a significant matter, and choosing the right financial option can ensure its best use for your future.

Please remember that this information is provided as a general overview and should not be considered legal or financial advice. For specific advice regarding legal matters, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified legal advisor or professional.


An inheritance advance can provide early access to a portion of your inheritance, but it’s essential to consider the associated costs and make an informed decision. Before opting for an inheritance advance, take the following steps:

Inheritance Advance

Compare Companies:

Research and compare different companies that offer inheritance advances. Evaluate their reputation, terms, and fees to find the most suitable option for your needs.

Read Terms and Conditions:

Carefully review the terms and conditions of the inheritance advance. Understand the repayment terms, interest rates, and any additional fees that may apply.

Understand Fees:

Familiarize yourself with all the fees involved in the inheritance advance. This includes the percentage charged by the company and any additional costs such as application fees or administrative charges.

Seek Legal Advice:

Consult with a legal professional to ensure you understand the implications of taking an inheritance advance. They can provide guidance on the legal aspects, rights, and potential risks associated with the transaction.

Consider Alternatives:

Explore other options available to access funds if needed. These may include personal loans, financial assistance from family members, or negotiating payment arrangements with creditors.

By conducting thorough research and understanding the costs and implications, you can make an informed decision about whether an inheritance advance is the right choice for you.

Remember, it’s crucial to carefully weigh the benefits against the fees and consider all available alternatives before proceeding.


Can executor advance money to beneficiaries?

An executor can advance money to beneficiaries, but limitations apply. They cannot borrow for personal use, and the amount depends on the estate. Consult professionals for specific rules.

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