Is JoJo siwa really having a baby? Who is the Father? [2023]

No, JoJo Siwa is not really having a baby.

She has addressed pregnancy rumors on social media, stating that she is not pregnant and that the rumors are a result of her joking and pranking. Despite some questionable Snapchat posts and TikTok videos that sparked the rumors, there is no evidence to support the claim that she is expecting a baby

A TikTok user posted a video asserting that JoJo was pregnant, prompting JoJo to respond by stitching a brief clip where she appeared to be laughing, seemingly dismissing the rumor. However, this left many users confused.

Fans find the circulating fake pregnancy stories about JoJo Siwa “disrespectful.”

The rumor mill had already begun its work. Numerous fans were convinced that JoJo was pregnant. Instead of immediately dispelling these speculations, JoJo continued posting without addressing the rumors. In the subsequent weeks, she uploaded pictures of herself shopping for baby items at Target. In one such photo, her shirt was pulled up, once again showcasing her stomach and fueling the pregnancy rumors.

Who is JoJo siwa dating in 2023?

JoJo Siwa is currently single. She has been open about her dating journey and her past relationships, including her ex-girlfriends Kylie Prew and Avery Cyrus. While there have been rumors about her dating life, she has not publicly confirmed being in a relationship in 2023

How did JoJo siwa and Kylie prew meet?

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew met on a cruise when they were 18 and 17 years old, respectively. They immediately connected and formed a close friendship after hours of conversation. Their relationship eventually turned romantic, and they officially started dating on January 8, 2021. Despite being in a long-distance relationship, they were open about their love for each other on social media. However, they have since broken up, with Prew confirming their separation in an Instagram Live, stating that there is no bad blood between them

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