Jane Boutique Shut Down: Latest Update Unveils Investigation, Leaving Customers and Sellers in Limbo

The online retailer Jane.com has unexpectedly shut down, leaving many feeling betrayed and concerned about their orders and payments. The closure has led to an investigation and has left sellers worried about getting paid and shoppers concerned about receiving their recent orders. The website and app closed on November 17, 2023, without prior notice, and attempts to contact the company have been unsuccessful. The closure has prompted sellers to share their stories on social media and seek support. The exact reason for the shutdown is not clear, but it has caused significant distress among customers and sellers alike.

Impact on Sellers

Amounts Owed:

  1. Sellers claim they are owed thousands of dollars.
  2. An anonymous former seller claims that Jane owes her $35,000 for her already-sold merchandise.
  3. Dozens of Jane.com vendors claimed the company owes them tens of thousands of dollars.

Lack of Communication and Concerns:

  1. Many sellers are without money that they say the company owes them.
  2. Sellers are locked out of their portal with no means of communication with Jane.
  3. The closure has left sellers worried about getting paid and has prompted them to share their stories on social media.


  1. There has been no word yet on whether or not any sellers will receive the money owed to them.
  2. With no way to communicate with Jane, sellers are unsure whether they will be able to collect the money owed to them by the company.
  3. The closure of Jane.com has left many sellers in a state of uncertainty and financial distress, with significant amounts of money owed to them and no clear communication from the company regarding the resolution of these outstanding payments.

Impact on Customers

Concerns and Lack of Communication:

  1. Many customers are concerned about receiving their recent orders and potential refunds.
  2. Numerous customers have attempted to reach out to Jane without success.
  3. Customers are advised to dispute charges with their credit card company if they haven’t received their orders.

Investigation and Lack of Transparency:

  1. The Lehi Police Department has opened an investigation into Jane.com after sellers claimed they weren’t paid.
  2. Jane has provided no transparency on the reasons for the closure.
  3. Attempts to contact the company have been unsuccessful.

The sudden shutdown of Jane.com has left customers in a state of uncertainty, with concerns about their recent orders and the lack of communication from the company. Additionally, the involvement of the Lehi Police Department in investigating claims of unpaid sellers adds to the overall lack of transparency surrounding the closure. Customers are left with limited options, including attempting to dispute charges with their credit card companies due to the unavailability of information from Jane.com.

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