Tiger Woods Vs Erica Herman: Latest news, 22nd November 2023

Latest Update on the Tiger Woods vs Erica Herman case is that Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has dropped her sexual assault lawsuit against the golfer and an appeal to a non-disclosure agreement she had signed. She stated that she “was never a victim of sexual harassment or sexual abuse at the hands of Tiger Woods or any of his agents, and it is her position that she never asserted a claim for such.”

Herman had signed a non-disclosure agreement in 2017 at the start of her relationship with Woods and had sued to be released from the agreement.

However, the court ruled that her reasoning for being released from the agreement lacked “factual specificity for any claim relating to sexual assault or sexual harassment.” Additionally, Herman had sued the trust that owns Woods’ home in Florida for $30 million, alleging that Woods had tricked her into leaving the home and locked her out, violating an oral agreement to let her live there for another five years. She dropped that lawsuit in July. Tiger Woods is currently rehabbing an ankle injury and has fallen to the lowest world ranking of his career.


  1. Introduction to Legal Case:
    • Involves a Non-Disclosure and Acknowledgement Agreement (NDA) signed by Erica Herman at the start of her relationship with Tiger Woods in 2017.
  2. Relationship Timeline:
    • Herman initially employed by Woods, managing his Palm Beach County restaurant.
    • Transition from a professional to a romantic relationship.
    • Cohabitation begins when Herman moves into Woods’ $54 million mansion in 2016.
    • Public acknowledgment of their relationship in late September 2017.
  3. Lawsuit Escalation:
    • Herman files a $30 million lawsuit against Woods and the trust that owns his Florida mansion.
    • Allegation: Woods promised her residence in the mansion until 2026 but unexpectedly kicked her out in 2022.
    • Lawsuit dropped later, with Herman denying being a victim of sexual harassment or abuse by Woods.
  4. Nullification Attempt of NDA:
    • Herman attempts to nullify the NDA, citing a sexual assault clause.
    • Florida judge rules she must adhere to the NDA and resolve disputes through private arbitration.
  5. Dropping of Sexual Assault Lawsuit and NDA Appeal:
    • Herman drops the sexual assault lawsuit against Woods and the appeal to the NDA.
    • Explicit denial that she was ever a victim of sexual harassment or abuse by Woods.
  6. Conclusion of the Legal Case:
    • The legal case between Tiger Woods and Erica Herman concludes with her decision to drop the sexual assault lawsuit and NDA appeal.
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