Why are houses so cheap in Lehigh acres Florida? The Hidden Gem of Florida Real Estate

Lehigh Acres, Florida, stands out for its affordable housing, boasting significantly lower median home prices compared to the state’s average. This growing community offers proximity to major job hubs and a range of amenities, including golf courses, shopping centers, and restaurants. Residents also enjoy access to numerous parks and recreational facilities, making Lehigh Acres an attractive and budget-friendly place to live.

Comparison of Average and Median Home Prices in Florida Cities in 2023

CityAverage House PriceMedian Home PriceMedian Home Sold PriceAverage Annual Home AppreciationMedian List Price
Fort Lauderdale$500,000$480,000$480,00013.00%$490,000
Lehigh Acres$350,000$350,000$354,99612.84%$359,000

Average Monthly Rent Prices in Florida Cities in 2023

City1 Bedroom Rent2 Bedrooms Rent3 Bedrooms Rent
Fort Lauderdale$2,200$3,000$3,800
Lehigh Acres$1,300$1,700$2,100

Reasons why are houses so cheap in Lehigh acres Florida

Challenges Contributing to Lower Housing Prices in Lehigh Acres:

Oversupply of Housing:

  • Resulted from the housing boom in the early 2000s.
  • Developers built many homes expecting continued demand.
  • Housing market crash of 2008 led to a decline in demand.
  • Many vacant homes are now on the market, driving down prices.

Foreclosure History:

  • Influenced by factors including the housing market crash.
  • High unemployment rate in the area.
  • High cost of living.
  • Significant number of foreclosures increased the supply of affordable homes.

High Crime Rate:

  • Lehigh Acres has a higher crime rate compared to the US average.
  • Crime can deter potential buyers, making the area less desirable.
  • Crime can also damage property values, making it challenging to sell homes.

Limited Amenities:

  • Relatively undeveloped with few amenities like restaurants, shops, parks, and schools.
  • Lack of amenities can reduce the area’s attractiveness to buyers.
  • Contributes to lower housing prices.


  • Some properties in Lehigh Acres have been abandoned.
  • Factors include foreclosure, crime, and neglect.
  • Abandoned properties increase the supply of affordable homes.

Rapid and Unplanned Expansion:

  • Past rapid and unplanned expansion led to a surplus of available properties.
  • Contributed to lower housing prices.
  • Associated problems include traffic congestion, infrastructure issues, and environmental concerns.

Infrastructure Challenges:

  • Some areas lack water and sewer infrastructure.
  • Makes certain properties less desirable and affordable.
  • Homeowners may face additional costs, such as installing septic systems.

Factors That Make Lehigh Acres Attractive for Buyers and Investors:

1. Affordable Housing Options:

  • Lehigh Acres offers a range of affordable housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and condos. Median home sold price in August 2023 was $354,996, a 10.9% increase from the previous year.

2. Investment Opportunities:

  • The low housing prices in Lehigh Acres can attract investors looking for rental properties or potential appreciation in the future.

3. Less Competition:

  • The relatively low demand for housing in Lehigh Acres compared to other Florida cities can contribute to lower prices.

4. Location-Related Factors Contributing to Lower Housing Prices:

  • Distance from the coast can make it less desirable for some buyers.
  • Lack of job opportunities affects demand for housing.
  • A less desirable school district can impact housing prices.
  • Higher insurance costs due to vulnerability to hurricanes and flooding can contribute to lower prices.
  • Limited public transportation options can be a disadvantage.
  • Higher property taxes in the area affect affordability.
  • Limited cultural and entertainment offerings may make it less attractive to some buyers.
  • Inconsistent development across the area can affect housing prices.
  • A perceived lack of community identity can impact desirability and affordability.

5. Potential for Growth:

  • Despite current low housing prices, Lehigh Acres has the potential for future growth, which could lead to increased demand and higher prices.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Lehigh Acres

Affordable Real Estate Prices:

  • Lehigh Acres offers lower real estate prices compared to other areas.
  • Median home sold price in August 2023 was $354,996, a 10.9% increase from the previous year.
  • Median price per square foot during the same period was $219.

Rental Demand and Cost of Living:

  • High rental demand in Lehigh Acres.
  • Lower cost of living compared to other areas, making it appealing for investors.
  • High percentage of residents renting contributes to investment appeal.
  • Potential for high returns in the rental market.

Recognized Investment Opportunity:

  • Lehigh Acres identified as one of the top markets for real estate investors.
  • Attractive property prices and potential for growth.
  • Described as a seller’s market, indicating ongoing demand for properties.

Price of Bedroom Types:

  • Median price per square foot varies by bedroom types.
  • Example prices: 1-bedroom homes at $145.4K, 2-bedroom homes at $295K, and 3-bedroom homes at $350K.

Diverse Rental Market:

  • Average rent varies by neighborhood.
  • Some areas offer more affordable rental options.
  • Reflects the diversity of housing options in the city.

Pros and cons of living in Lehigh Acres


  • Affordable housing compared to other parts of Florida.
  • A growing city with new developments and amenities.
  • Diverse population with a mix of different age groups.
  • Attractive downtown area.
  • Home to several baseball spring-training camps, appealing to sports enthusiasts.
  • Enjoyable mild winter climate.
  • No state income tax in Florida, providing financial benefits.


  • While housing is relatively affordable, property prices in other parts of Florida can be high.
  • Affected by tourism, which may not be desirable for some residents.
  • Vulnerable to hurricanes, a common concern in Florida.
  • Limited arts and cultural offerings compared to larger, more developed areas.
  • Limited job opportunities in the local job market.
  • Located inland, away from coastal areas, which may not suit those seeking a beach lifestyle.
  • Limited public transportation options, potentially inconvenient for residents.

Average rent price in Lehigh acres Florida

Overall Median Rent: The median rent for all bedrooms and property types in Lehigh Acres is approximately $2,205, with a price range spanning from $1,300 to $3,600.

Most Affordable Neighborhoods: Cross Creek and Fiddlesticks are the most affordable neighborhoods in Lehigh Acres for renters, with an average rent of $1,904 per month.

Apartment Rent: The average rent for an apartment in Lehigh Acres is $2,087, and this cost can vary based on factors such as location, size, and quality.

1-Bedroom Apartment Rent: As of August 2023, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Lehigh Acres is $1,200, marking a 23% decrease compared to the previous year.

Average Apartment Rent: According to Point2 Homes, the average apartment rent in Lehigh Acres, Florida, is $1,275.

Comparison to State Average: On average, the cost of rent in Lehigh Acres is approximately $1,313 per month, placing it in the 64th percentile compared to the state average.

Keep in mind that these figures offer a general overview of rent prices in Lehigh Acres. Actual rental costs may vary depending on specific property features, location, and market conditions.

Challenges of investing in Lehigh Acres real estate

Infrastructure Challenges:

  • Lehigh Acres faces infrastructure challenges, including issues with water and sewer systems and road maintenance.
  • These challenges may impact property value and desirability.

Shortage of Commercial Properties:

  • Southwest Florida, including Lehigh Acres, experiences a shortage of commercial properties due to a halt in new construction.
  • Limited opportunities for real estate portfolio diversification or capitalizing on economic growth.

Competition in the Housing Market:

  • Lehigh Acres’ housing market is moderately competitive, with a score of 47 out of 100.
  • Investors may find it challenging to secure profitable real estate deals.
  • Staying informed about market trends and negotiating effectively is crucial.

Legacy of Poorly Planned Vacant Lots:

  • Lehigh Acres has a history of poorly planned vacant lots, leading to enduring community problems.
  • Issues include environmental degradation, inadequate public facilities, and inefficient lot layouts.
  • Investors should carefully assess property quality and potential.

Market Volatility and Uncertainty:

  • Lehigh Acres’ real estate market, like others, experiences volatility and uncertainty.
  • Economic factors and changes in demand can impact property values and rental demand.
  • Investors must adapt strategies based on current market conditions.

Despite these challenges, Lehigh Acres offers attractive real estate investment opportunities. Careful market evaluation, risk understanding, and staying informed about local trends can help investors benefit from affordable housing options and high rental demand in the area.


In conclusion, Lehigh Acres, Florida, offers affordable housing due to various factors such as an oversupply of homes from the 2008 housing market crash, foreclosure history, high crime rates, limited amenities, and abandonment. These challenges have driven down property prices, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers and investors. However, Lehigh Acres also presents opportunities for growth and investment, making it a compelling choice for those willing to navigate its unique real estate landscape and potential for future development.

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