Zippy Loan Reviews: Safe or Unsafe | Everything you need to know

Zippyloan is a personal loan marketplace connecting individuals with potential lenders, offering loans as small as $100 and catering to those with poor credit. While it may be beneficial for those facing difficulties securing loans elsewhere, there are notable drawbacks. Customer reviews universally lean negative, citing concerns about high fees, inadequate support, and unclear information regarding loan interest rates and fees. Moreover, Zippyloan is not available nationwide, and its lack of accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, along with a B- rating and numerous customer complaints, raises additional red flags.

Top 10 Pros and Cons for zippy loan


  1. Loan Flexibility: Zippyloan matches applicants with lenders offering basic, unsecured personal loans for various purposes like unexpected bills or home improvement projects.
  2. Low Borrowing Minimum: Zippyloan provides loans as small as $100, catering to individuals needing smaller amounts of money.
  3. Quick Approval and Fund Disbursement: If approved, Zippyloan ensures quick approval and fund disbursement, suitable for those in urgent need.
  4. Loan Options for Poor Credit: Zippyloan offers solutions for individuals with poor credit who struggle with traditional lenders.
  5. No Minimum Credit Score Requirement: Zippyloan is accessible to a wider range of borrowers by not imposing a minimum credit score requirement.
  6. $0 Prepayment Fee: Zippyloan does not charge a prepayment fee, allowing borrowers to pay off loans early without additional costs.
  7. No Origination Fee: Zippyloan does not charge an origination fee, potentially saving borrowers money on upfront costs.
  8. Considers Applicants with Fair Credit: Zippyloan considers applicants with fair credit, providing opportunities for individuals with varying credit profiles.
  9. Fast Access to Funds: Approved borrowers can sometimes access funds within one business day, offering quick financial assistance.
  10. Credit Reporting: Zippyloan reports account activity to major credit reporting agencies, potentially aiding in credit improvement through responsible repayment.


  1. Lack of Support: Zippyloan lacks clear customer support channels, with no provided phone number or email for direct contact.
  2. High Fees for Payday Loans: Some lenders affiliated with Zippyloan offer payday loans with high fees, potentially leading to a cycle of borrowing.
  3. No Guarantee of Lender Match: There’s no assurance that applicants will be matched with a lender, creating uncertainty.
  4. Information Sold to Lenders: Zippyloan may sell applicants’ information to lenders, raising privacy concerns.
  5. Limited Availability: Zippyloan is not available nationwide, with restrictions in certain states like New York, Oregon, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C.
  6. Opaque Loan Terms: Zippyloan does not provide a clear range of APRs offered by its lenders, causing uncertainty about the actual loan cost.
  7. Potential High APRs: While advertised rates are reasonable, borrowers with excellent credit may find lower rates elsewhere.
  8. Unclear Eligibility Requirements: Zippyloan lacks a clear picture of eligibility criteria, potentially causing frustration for applicants.
  9. Potential Lack of Transparency: Zippyloan’s lack of transparency on loan interest rates and fees may make it difficult for borrowers to predict costs.
  10. Negative Customer Reviews: Universally negative reviews cite complaints about high fees, lack of support, and opaque information about loan terms.

Loan Features and Requirements for Zippy Loan

  1. No Specific Requirements Listed: Zippyloan does not provide specific requirements for borrowers applying for a loan. Instead, it relies on matching individuals with lenders based on the information submitted during the application process.
  2. Match-Based System: The platform aims to connect borrowers with lenders by using the information provided in the application, emphasizing a match-based approach.
  3. Lack of Transparency on Interest Rates and Fees: The website lacks transparency regarding loan interest rates and fees. This absence of clear information makes it challenging for applicants to predict the overall cost of a loan before completing the application process.
  4. Limited Customer Support: Zippyloan does not offer a clear avenue for individuals to contact customer support. This lack of communication channels may pose challenges for borrowers seeking assistance or clarification.

Loan Options and Considerations

  1. Connection to Competitive Lenders: Zippyloan can link individuals with lenders providing competitive interest rates, especially for unsecured personal loans. These loans can be utilized for purposes such as debt consolidation, home improvement, or other significant expenses.
  2. Caution Regarding Payday Loans: Borrowers are advised to exercise caution, as some lenders associated with Zippyloan may offer payday loans. Payday loans often come with high fees and may lead borrowers into a cycle of debt.
  3. High Fees Warning: Borrowers should be aware of the potential for high fees associated with certain lenders partnered with Zippyloan. Understanding the fee structure is crucial to making informed decisions.
  4. No Guaranteed Lender Matches: There is no guarantee that applicants will be matched with a lender. This lack of certainty may impact individuals relying on a guaranteed loan approval.
  5. Importance of Reviewing Loan Agreements: Zippyloan emphasizes the importance of carefully reviewing any loan agreement. Since the platform does not disclose a stated range of APRs offered by its partner lenders, thorough examination of loan terms is crucial for applicants.


Zippyloan connects individuals with potential lenders, providing small loans starting at $100 and catering to those with poor credit. Despite potential benefits for those struggling to secure loans, drawbacks include universally negative customer reviews due to high fees, inadequate support, and unclear loan terms. Additionally, limited availability, lack of Better Business Bureau accreditation, a B- rating, and numerous customer complaints raise concerns, highlighting potential red flags for prospective borrowers.

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