‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Tiffany Gomas Clarifies Cause of Viral Meltdown on American Airlines Flight


Tiffany Gomas is a woman who gained notoriety for her meltdown on an American Airlines flight in July 2023. Tiffany Gomas is also known as ‘Crazy Plane Lady’. During the incident, she accused a relative of stealing her AirPods and yelled that she was “getting the f—k off” the plane, as she stormed up and down the aisle of the Fort Worth-to-Orlando flight. She was kicked off the plane and went into hiding for four weeks after the incident due to anxiety about flying.

Watch the ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Tiffany Gomas viral TikTok video

On 10th November 2023, Gomas finally revealed what caused her outburst on the plane. Speaking on Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take” podcast, Gomas explained that it was her reaction to an “altercation” with a fellow passenger that “spiraled out of control.” She clarified that she did not see an alien, apparition, or anything mysterious. Gomas said there was “really bad energy” and she thought people on the flight were in danger due to the altercation but did not want to go into further detail because of legal reasons.

What was the aftermath of Tiffany Gomas meltdown on the American airlines flight?

  • After ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Tiffany Gomas meltdown on the American Airlines flight, she hid for four weeks because she was scared of flying.
  • She said sorry for her actions, especially to families with kids on the Dallas to Orlando flight.
  • Gomas wants to make up for it by talking about good mental health and saying no to cyberbullying.
  • She explained that her freak-out was because of a fight with another passenger.
  • She can’t share more details because of legal reasons.
  • Gomas is trying to stay quiet, but she just started a website and hinted at a new project.

How did American airlines respond to tiffany gomas meltdown?

American Airlines has refrained from making any public statements concerning Tiffany Gomas meltdown on their flight. Nevertheless, reports indicate that the incident prompted officials to evacuate everyone from the plane for a rescreening.

Tiffany Gomas has personally apologized for her actions, expressing regret for the disturbance. She extended her apologies to all passengers, with a particular emphasis on families with children who may have been affected by the incident on the American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando.

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